About NetXcel

Established in year 2000, NetXcel Systems have been at the forefront of rapid innovations in the ICT field. We had witnessed the world when internet users was 394 million, through to the explosion of adoption where almost half of the world population accesses the internet now (source: ITU). From the shortage of class A IPv4 addresses to adoption of IPv6. From first generation hybrid cars to self-driving cars. Nimble, flexible, and adaptable have been our mantra in staying relevant in the midst of constant change.

Starting from Singapore, we have expanded our presence to the corners of South East Asia and Oceania now. However, our focus remains in our core competencies in international project management, systems integration and software engineering. NetXcel deliver innovative ICT applications and infrastructure solutions to our clients in telecommunications, media, higher education and logistics industries, enabling their digital transformation.

Our focus solutions include Network Function Virtualization MANO and Service Assurance (NFV), DDI (DNS-Domain Name System, DHCP-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, IPAM-IP Address Management), and Cyber Security.

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